Well, I had a crazy fun but busy weekend, Besides my personal activities I had 2 IDPA matches that I shot in. Saturday a Camden Rod and Gun Club and Sunday at Pathfinders in Fulton.

Camden, Great match fun designs with Steve Shoemakers stage designs. Low light, electronic activations. FUN FUN stuff, Thank you Steve. I personally shot like crap Saturday but. No excuses. We had a technical issue with one of our stages held us up about 30 minutes. But it all worked out and Everyone enjoyed the match. A BIG THANK YOU to those that cam out and played with us.

Pathfinders, Was a Great match, I shot much better however I ended up in last place because of a Squib in the second stage which gave me a DNF. Not the way I wanted to shoot my last IDPA match at Pathfinders. With that said I still had a GREAT time with GREAT people and really fun stages.